About Me

I love Jesus! I invited Jesus into my heart when I was about 7 years old. I need him more and more everyday. It is my prayer to honor and glorify His name. I desire to be His hands and feet.

I am married to a Godly man who understands me and accepts me just the way I am. (I am different) please smile! We have been married for 10 years!

We have 3 precious children. We have 2 boys and 1 girl. We homeschool our children. It is our desire to raise them according to God's Word.

We are foster parents and have a heart for children who are hurting and in need.

I get giddy about new cookbooks and new recipes. Instead of reading a novel, I would much rather read a cookbook or a cooking magazine.

I prayerfully decided to start Kristi's Dishes to help others in the kitchen. I am not a professional but I can still share recipes, cooking and baking tips, menu planning ideas, and ways to save money in the kitchen.

Where did I get the name Kristi's Dishes?

Kristi's Dishes ...I have some DISHES in my sink! I always will!!

I am thankful that I have dirty dishes regardless of how many times I talk about it, grumble about it or refer to it. I am thankful that I have food to eat! I am thankful that I have a family to cook and bake for...I am thankful that I have friends that request recipes. I am thankful to share our food with others... which ultimately means more DIRTY DISHES. Thank you Jesus!

Please come along...let's be thankful for our DISHES together