Thursday, May 26, 2011

Popcorn and a Movie

While sitting at the breakfast table this morning, I talked to the kids about our plans for the day... "Hey y'all, we have to run some errands today. ALOT of errands. It will be a long day for us. I know it is not fun for you. I know it is hard, to be on your best behavior for hours on end. But, let's embrace our time together and make this a memorable day!!"

My oldest son quickly replied, "Yes ma'am Momma, sounds good."

"Let's pretend we are at the movies today."

"Momma, how do we pretend we are at the movies?

With passion in my heart and excitement in my voice, I responded...

"We will sit in our air conditioned van,
watch a movie on our pull down DVD player,
eat brown bag popcorn, drink some juice,
and devour a BOX of "movie theater" candy...
while running the roads and getting all of our errands completed."

"Yes ma'am, Momma!"

Popcorn and Movie Day!!!!!

This popcorn recipe is quick, easy, and fun. Have the kids help you make it!!

Easy Brown Bag- microwave popcorn
Recipe by Kristi's Dishes

Popcorn Kernels / 3 caps full
Salted Butter/ melted
1 brown paper bag
(serves 1 person)

Unfold your brown paper bag. Use the cap of your popcorn jar to measure the kernels. Pour 3 caps of popcorn kernels into each bag.

Fold bag over and tape it closed.

Put in microwave for 2 minutes.

Open the bag, and pour the melted butter on top of the popcorn. We like a ton of butter!! Add your salt while the popcorn and butter are still warm. This way...your salt will adhere to the popcorn.

The popcorn is hot and ready! But, we a have a few extras...

Put several drinks in a small cooler. Bringing a cooler is a money saver. You won't need to stop at the gas station to buy a 20 oz.

Don't forget the candy!

Praise the Lord for his gifts. Praise the Lord for days like this!!!

We had a GREAT day together! Praying that "Popcorn and a Movie" will be a blessing for your family too!

For my 3 children...dishes Kristi


  1. What an awesome idea. You are a Great Mom with fun ideas. I didn't know you could do popcorn in microwave in paper bag, cool! Do you find it less expensive to buy & make popcorn that way? If so where do you buy your paper bags & popcorn? I love the movie on the go suggestion. We don't have a dvd player in car, but we do have a portable that we use for vacations that I could use for shopping day. Great idea. I also love the movie title suggestion, I'm gonna request them from library, we haven't seen them yet. Stephanie Sprouse

  2. Hi SWEET Stephanie,

    You are always so complimentary. Thank you!!!
    Yes ma'am, I do find it alot less expensive to buy the popcorn kernels vs pre-packaged bags of popcorn. We use Pop Secret. It is approximatley $3.60 at Publix. They go on sale b1g1f quite often...and be on the watch out for the Pop Secret coupon $.50/2. So, that would make each container $1.30. (on sale and using a coupon)
    You can buy your paper bags at any grocery store. Dollar Tree has brown bags with cute designs on them. (Cars..Princess) They are all generally the same price any where you go.
    Hope this'll have to let me know how your "movie on the go" turns out.. I am excited for y'all.