Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Requested Desserts

I asked the kids what they wanted for dessert...My oldest son yelled "Lemon Bars." My other two children chimed in..."OH YA!"

I had 3 agree. No hesitation. Yes ma'am. Yes sir. Lemon bars are coming right up.

I have tried alot of lemon bar recipes and this is my favorite. I have made this recipe several times. It is trustworthy and will turn out every time. Refreshing!

I sent a plate of them to the neighbors and I will probably make another batch for our Sunday School class this week.

Please give them a try. You will be pleased.

Lemon Bars
Recipe from Lynn's Kitchen Adventure

Since I gave the kids a "shout out" ... I had to give my husband the same opportunity.

Caramel Brownies
Recipe from Paula Deen

To all the chocolate lovers:

My husband loves sweet things. (maybe that's why he fell in love with me) he he he
There is nothing too sweet for my husband to eat. This is one of his favorite desserts.

How would I describe these brownies...full of fudge, chewy, crispy, slap full of caramel and just sweet.

Chocolate overload!

Did I mention how easy they are to make? I have made them with a box mix and I have also made them using a homemade brownie recipe. You will not be disappointed. I have probably made this recipe over 50 times. No kidding.

Sweet Dishes..... Kristi

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