Friday, September 2, 2011

Friends, Football, and Food

What are y'all doing this weekend? Labor Day weekend? Y'all having friends to the house? Going on vacation? Grillin' and chillin'? smile.

We will being stickin' around here....

We are having a "football" party tommorow!! Can't wait to visit with friends and eat some party food. Can you tell that I like to eat? smile.

We will be eating:

Ranch Dip and chips
White Bean and Cheddar Dip and tortilla chips

My Husband's Bacon Cheddar Burgers and 40 minute hamburger buns

Hot dogs and buns

Aunt Debbie's Baked Beans
Mimi's Slaw (vinegar based) NO MAYO dude!!! smile.

Caramel Dip (recipe to come) with apples and pears

Peach Cobbler and vanilla ice cream
"Roll Tide" Cookie Cake

Thanking the Lord.....Kristi

**I am still gonna post my menu plan for the week.**

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