Monday, June 13, 2011

We eat meat!!

This week while blog surfing for new recipes... Guess what I stumbled upon?

"Meatless Mondays"

No meat on Monday's!!!
Are you kidding?
Where's the beef?

We like meat. We are Carnivores. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Anytime.

Guess how many salads (as a main dish) my husband and I have consumed in the last 10 years? Zero!! Can you believe it?

We prefer salad as a side, not as an entree.


Beef... We buy our beef in large quantities from a "mom and pop" grocery store. The butcher that we use is unbelievable. He is passionate about his job...I enjoy listening to him talk about beef. He is a walking "B" encyclopedia.

We eat Pork too. Bacon. Sausage. Pork roasts. Ribs. Pork chops. Look at these beauties!! Whew..they were moist. My husband couldn't stand it. He snatched him a pork chop off the grill with his bare hands and gnawed off a chunk. (barbarian style)

We eat all kinds of chicken; bone-in and boneless, skin on and skinless, fried, baked, boiled, broiled, even on the barbie. You name it. (Did I sound like Bubba Gump?)

We eat venison. (Deer Meat) My husband is an avid hunter and is a deer slayer. Deer meat is surprisingly good. It is high in iron and extremely lean. If you are hesitant to try venison, start with ground venison. (use a generous amount of garlic salt to season your venison)

I have many friends that are vegetarians. We still love each other. I think it's cool that God created us differently, for a reason! We can't all be HIS hands, some need to be HIS feet.

I enjoy eating veggies. I just like meat more. (smile)

Let's grill out! (shhhhh...grilling = fewer dishes) Kristi

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