Monday, August 1, 2011

Dinner in 15 minutes- A.J.'s Skillet Meal

You can literally have dinner made in 15 minutes with this easy and yummy recipe. My friend A.J. gave me this recipe in January 2004. A.J. is from the mid-west. She lives in Nebraska with her husband and 3 girls. She is a godly woman and friend. I miss her dearly.

This is a go-to, fast, and reliable meal. It has a small list of ingredients and takes just a few minutes in the kitchen. Thank you A.J.!!! We have been making this dish for over 7 years.

A.J's Skillet Meal

Add hamburger meat to a large skillet and add your diced onion. I didn't have an onion so, I used minced onion this time. Season with garlic salt or salt and pepper.

Brown your hamburger meat and drain.

Add tomatoes. (do not drain) Add water.

Stir. Bring to a boil.

Add macaroni and turn to simmer.

Put lid on skillet and simmer for 10 minutes.

Add shredded cheese.

Put lid back on skillet so cheese melts real pretty. Once cheese has melted, add a large dollop of sour cream.

Stir. Serve accordingly.

Even if you do not care for sour cream, I would highly recommend that you use it in this particular recipe. Results = creamy!!! The sour cream adds an extra layer of flavor. You cannot taste the sour cream.

A.J.'s 15 minute Skillet Meal
Recipe shared by Kristi's Dishes

1 to 1.5 pound hamburger meat
1 medium onion (diced) or minced onion to taste
1 can petite diced tomatoes (do not drain)
1 cup water
1 cup elbow macaroni
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 large dollop of sour cream (optional but, HIGHLY recommended

Brown hamburger and onion. You can use minced onion. Season with garlic salt or salt and pepper. Drain. Add tomatoes and water. Bring to a boil. After it comes to a boil, stir in macaroni. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes or until pasta is done. Sprinkle cheese on the top. Cover and let cheese melt. Add sour cream and stir.

Easy dinner. Convenient. One dish mess. Beauty!!!

A.J.'s dishes.....Kristi

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